Hi. I’m Tanya.

I’ve been horse mad from when I was an infant – my earliest memories are about horses. I got my first pony when I was two years old – a black Shetland pony called Joney, and I’ve ridden most of my life since then. I’ve taken lessons most of my life with various wonderful riding instructors as I think I can always learn and improve. Having someone knowledgeable on the ground also gives an invaluable perspective and it’s essential if you want to compete successfully.

I’ve competed extensively with the many horses that I have had at various levels – most specifically in show jumping. I’ve also done a bit of eventing.

I’ve stabled my own horses in my own yard and chosen to stable my horses at other professional’s yards.

I have a ‘baby’ off the track – a young Thoroubred called King William and I have ( or should I say we) have a fabulous mare called Shanghai Affair. She is my daughter’s horse, and my daughter kindly lets me compete on her. The pictures above and below show me holding Triple Fire (the bay who is my retired show jumper) and Alexandra (my daughter) holding Shanghai Affair (the grey).  Getting the horses to pose together for the photo – well, we just gave up. The fancy photos of me competing will be found in the blog. The photos below are just of us loving our horses and our horses being happy and healthy.

Tanya and Triple Fire with Alexandra and Shanghai Affair


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