Hi, I’m Nicci

I started horseback riding at the age of 26 – a late starter. I went on a trail ride with a friend of mine in the mountains and I was hooked. When I came back from the holiday I immediately looked into taking lessons. I have always loved horses and wanted to learn how to horseback ride. My dream growing up was to own my own horse. Within three years I was half leasing a pony and riding five times a week. In November 2009 I got my first horse, a chestnut thoroughbred called Riptide.  My dream had finally come true.

Riptide and I have been competing in dressage for the past two years.

Over the years horseback riding has brought me so much joy and I hope that through this blog I will share some of that joy with you.


4 comments on “Nicci

    • Hi Margaretha. I’m replying because Nicci is cycling at the moment. Thank you for your kind words – we are very glad you enjoy the blog. At the bottom of each post there is a sign up. If you don’t see it please let me know. You may also want to look at our sister site It has similar articles and some different ones. We will add more different ones as time goes on.
      Thanks for writing to us and keep in touch. Its welcome and appreciated. Best

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