About us

Hi. I’m Tanya.

I’ve been horse mad from when I was an infant – my earliest memories are about horses. I got my first pony when I was two years old – a black Shetland pony called Joney, and I’ve ridden most of my life since then. I’ve taken lessons most of my life with various wonderful riding instructors as I think I can always learn and improve. Having someone knowledgeable on the ground also gives an invaluable perspective and it’s essential if you want to compete successfully.




Hi, I’m Nicci

I started horseback riding at the age of 26 – a late starter. I went on a trail ride with a friend of mine in the mountains and I was hooked. When I came back from the holiday I immediately looked into taking lessons. I have always loved horses and wanted to learn how to horseback ride. My dream growing up was to own my own horse. Within three years I was half leasing a pony and riding five times a week. In November 2009 I got my first horse, a chestnut thoroughbred called Riptide.  My dream had finally come true.


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