Riders 4 helmets

I came across a fabulous campaign on Facebook called Riders 4 Helmets. The campaign highlights how important it is to wear a helmet.

It got me thinking to why I always wear a helmet and why I insist my daughter wears one.

Horse riding is a dangerous sport. We fall, we get kicked, horses stand on us, branches knock our heads and the list goes on. The trick is to reduce risk and minimize injuries. Make sure that injuries happen as little as often.  And ensure that when injuries do happen they are as minor as possible.

Head injuries are one of the most serious forms of injury you can get. This is because if you are badly injured the consequences are severe including concussion, seizures, skull fracture, coma and even death. If the brain is damaged it can take a long time to recover, and in some cases the damage is irreparable.  Remember – we only have one brain!

We ensure that we always ride with ASTM/ SEI certified helmets that are correctly fitted and strapped on every time we ride.

I just think that horses are living creatures – they sometimes feel ‘a little too well’, they get frights or panic, and sometimes they are also just ‘silly. It’s for these reasons that we also love them and love working with them. But it also means that we must just be careful. After all, we want happy and safe riding.


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