Naming for your show horse or race horse

Naming your horse can be fun and exciting.

But with so many horse names out there, it can be quite difficult. We have collected horse names by looking at race horse names, names from mares and gelding at shows, and names from our friends’ horses. We have put in some simple and classic horse names and some unique and unusual horse names.

Once you have found it, your special name, you may also want to spoil your horse or pony by putting giving them a name plate for their stable or in the barn, and on its halter.

Good luck with finding the perfect name.

Act with Honor
Action Attraction

Baby Shoes

Click here for a full list of names


3 comments on “Naming for your show horse or race horse

  1. Looking for a good show name for my ottb gelding his barn name is patriot but I need something a bit better for the show ring his origional name was thar and I absolutley hatei would like to stick with something patriotic our show is june 16 I am open for any suggestions

    • Hi. Thanks for the question. Horse names are really personal and have to really suit your horse. In the theme you are looking at I quite like Texas Boy or American Hero, Cincinatti Charmer. Take a city or place you like and add a description…. Hope that helps. Let us know what you choose. Tanya

      • Well I was thinking of second chance since he is a rescue or patriotic dream they are pretty much the only ones I have come up with by myself

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